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Bryony's Bio

Bryony Humphries
Age: 14
Favourite Colour: Red/Green
I got into LXG because: My Dad let me stay up late one night and watch it. Been hooked ever since.
I got into this type of music because: Katy. She threatened to hit me if I didn't... Kidding!!! I don't know why, actually. I just do, I guess.
My favourite LXG character: Rodney Skinner. I LOVE SKINNER!!! Forgive me, I am absolutely barmy...
About Me:
Well, I’m just an ordinary girl, really. Who has a HUGE family. And who reads too much. And is obsessed with green. And sings about LXG in her spare time. And is proud to be a geek. And likes MATHS… Okay… Maybe I’m not so ordinary. Anyone else think I should book a room in the nearest Mental Institute?

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